We offer you a selection of cocktails all night long, made from special products. We use for example a Belgian production named Supasawa, which is a cocktail mixer that provides acidity in your cocktail. It helps us to replace the use of fresh squeezed lemons, which are usually imported by plane to our country.

We also use Aquafaba to replace eggs, which is used to prepare all the sour drinks (Rhum Sour, Whisky Sour,…). Aquafaba is a preparation homemade from chickpeas, would you believe it ? It doesn’t alternate the taste of your cocktail, it’s vegan and ecological !

Our star cocktail, the Basil Smash, is also homemade. We buy some fresh basil from a little producer, then mix it with homade sugar syrup and Supasawa. The exact recipe is secret, but you are welcome to come by and taste it !